Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a nose job, is a procedure carried out on the nose, to correct any cosmetic imperfections or functional issues. If you are not happy with the appearance of your nose, because it has been broken or you do not like the shape, there is help available. Through this procedure, your nose can be corrected and improved, so you can be happy with your appearance. Through Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. a variety of cosmetic procedures can be carried out.

To find out if rhinoplasty is for you, you will need to first consult with David Halpern MD at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery Inc. A full examination of the structure of your nose will need to be carried out, so the surgeon can decide what type of rhinoplasty will best benefit your cosmetic concerns. Your pictures will be taken, so the surgeon will be able to gauge the results of your surgery. You will also look through different photos of noses, so you and the surgeon can decide which one will fit your appearance the best.

In the vast majority of cases, this procedure is carried out while you are awake. You will be given a local anesthetic and a relaxing medication, so you do not feel any pain. The surgeon will make incisions inside your nostrils, so the scarring will not be visible once you heal.

During your procedure, your bone structure and cartilage will be shaped, to give you the nose you want and remove any imperfections. Though no nose can ever be considered perfect, this will give you a more attractive profile and allow you to feel confident in your appearance.


After your procedure, you will most likely have some swelling, bruising and pain. You will have nasal drains put in place, so your nose can properly heal and remain open during the healing process, so you can breathe. Your healing time will vary, according to how much work was done. It will take a few weeks before you are able to see major changes in your nose, but they will be revealed, once you have fully healed.

To learn more about rhinoplasty, davidhalpernmd.com/about-dr-david-halpern/. He and his surgical team can perform a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, so you can feel confident in your appearance. If you are interested in pursuing rhinoplasty or any other procedure, call and schedule a consultation appointment today.